Fact Sheet

Developer: Sprouted Interactive LLC
Release date: April 2015 (Android) May 2015 (iPad,iPhone,iPod Touch)
Website: SproutedInteractive.com
Price: $1.99
Availability: Google Play Store,App Store and Amazon App Store
ESRB: E for Everyone, Cartoon violence
File size: ~50mb
Press Contact: sproutedinteractive@gmail.com
Social: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
Description: Fact sheet and description in PDF
ZIP: All images and PDF (17mb)


50 story levels
12 story chapters
Endless horde mode
Challenge and boss levels
4 difficulties: Fun, Challenging, Hardcore & Insane
2 dictionaries totalling over 85,000 words
Both enemy and weapon upgrades

Moldicide is a story driven hand illustrated anagram puzzler.

You play as Chao the janitor, who, along with his sidekick, the sentient Italian cappuccino machine Mister Ernesto, save the world from the terrible Moldies. You do this by guessing passwords to the installation's weapon systems! (Okay, really it's all about your ability to find anagrams in a jumbled sequence of letters but that's not nearly dramatic enough)

Make longer words and a bigger, badder, more explosive weapons will deploy and clean those Moldies right up. Mr. Ernesto is there to help with upgrades, new weapons and of course plenty of cappuccino.

There are two game modes:
Story mode takes you through the epic journey of Chao and Ernesto in 50 levels.
Survival mode pits your skills against a never-ending horde of Moldies and challenges.

Four difficulties suit your vocabulary and skill level. The hardest difficulty "Insane" has its very own dictionary of unusual words.

Please note that all the anagrams are spelled using US English, however the game will accept both UK and US English words for guesses.

Sprouted Interactive LLC is an independent game development company started by two best friends, Justin and Tor, in 2013. We strive to be an organization that is founded on the love of games. Games give us the ability to live a thousand lives, connect with people across the world and are a source of inspiration, creativity and storytelling. We’ve been cultivating our skills, experience and imaginings since we were young. It’s time to sprout.

Justin Schwartz has over 15 years professional experience in the IT industry with a very broad range of technical skills from architecture and programming to delivery. He possess an intuitive understanding of complex business processes and is a natural leader.

Torgny Hylén has over 20 years professional experience in the design and advertising industries. He is a lifelong gamer; be it a pencil & paper roleplay, card, board or computer game. When he was 8, he stood on crates to reach the controls to place high scores down at the local arcade, he became his group’s dungeon master at the age of 10, and still roleplays in a weekly game three decades later.

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